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Re: gooeys

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Matt & Kim wrote:

> This isn't intended to start a flamefest. I'm trying to bring up a design
> philosophy for consideration, not debate the merits of one gooey
> environment with another. I'm also quite prepared for this message to be
> ignored completely since it doesn't really do anything to get Indy 0.1
> ready. {:-)
> When I finally got X and KDE working I was quite taken aback -- I didn't
> expect KDE to be so pretty. It was also refreshing to be able to find my
> way around because of the similarities to Win95. However it was only a
> couple of hours before that paled and I began to get annoyed at the
> similarities. 
> I'm trying to extract myself from the tarbaby called ms-windows. I want
> something *different*. Not just a better, more stable, more efficient
> version of windows. I want the interface and the experience of using the
> computer to reflect the spirit of the community which created the software:
> freedom, generosity, sharing, inquiry, vigorous debate, collaboration, etc,
> etc.
> Now I don't have any bright ideas about what that gnu desktop looks like,
> but I do know that a windows knock off is not it. Maybe that's just me,
> coming from years of using windows. Maybe a new user without that
> background wouldn't feel confined., but I do.
> Anyway, that's my rant. Done now. :)

Try UDE. Their design goal is "we want to be different from windows".
Ours (KDE's) is "we want to do it the best we can".

Sorry it didn't work out for you.

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