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Re: gooeys

Matt & Kim wrote:
> I'm trying to extract myself from the tarbaby called ms-windows. I want
> something *different*. Not just a better, more stable, more efficient
> version of windows. I want the interface and the experience of using the
> computer to reflect the spirit of the community which created the software:
> freedom, generosity, sharing, inquiry, vigorous debate, collaboration, etc,
> etc.

Not to worry.  X comes with a great many interfaces.  The freedom
and jow of Linux is the do-it-your-self attitude.  Sure the system
may come up with KDE running.  You are then free to dip in and 
tinker to get something you like better.  Most distributions, not
just indi, come with other Window managers, panels and such.  Go
mix and match.

If you can't get it going it's because you have insufficient linux
experience.  KDE is there so you can get work done while gaining
that experience.

PS : Welcome aboard.