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Re: gooeys

At 12:36 PM 12/02/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Matt & Kim wrote:
>> I'm trying to extract myself from the tarbaby called ms-windows. I want
>> something *different*. Not just a better, more stable, more efficient
>> version of windows. I want the interface and the experience of using the
>> computer to reflect the spirit of the community which created the software:
>> freedom, generosity, sharing, inquiry, vigorous debate, collaboration, etc,
>> etc.
>Not to worry.  X comes with a great many interfaces.  The freedom
>and jow of Linux is the do-it-your-self attitude.  Sure the system
>may come up with KDE running.  You are then free to dip in and 
>tinker to get something you like better.  Most distributions, not
>just indi, come with other Window managers, panels and such.  Go
>mix and match.

I have been (mixing and matching that is). And having lots of fun too.

>If you can't get it going it's because you have insufficient linux
>experience.  KDE is there so you can get work done while gaining
>that experience.

Good point. (now why didn't I think of that? too busy indulging in
ms-bashing I guess :-)

>PS : Welcome aboard.