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Re: gooeys

> When I finally got X and KDE working I was quite taken aback -- I didn't
> expect KDE to be so pretty. It was also refreshing to be able to find my
> way around because of the similarities to Win95. However it was only a
> couple of hours before that paled and I began to get annoyed at the
> similarities. 
> I'm trying to extract myself from the tarbaby called ms-windows. I want
> something *different*. Not just a better, more stable, more efficient
> version of windows. I want the interface and the experience of using the
> computer to reflect the spirit of the community which created the software:
> freedom, generosity, sharing, inquiry, vigorous debate, collaboration, etc,
> etc.

There was a time where X had no half decent user interface.  You had
to edit files in order to customize your apps, everyone had a
different look and feel, they were ugly and had limited mechanisms for
inter-application communication.

There are now beter Window managers than in TWM times and they have
nice confif tools but KDE still dramatically improves upon X without

Abour the looks KDE 1.1 (I will upload ASAP) allows far greater
flexibility and in addition Gnome is approaching readiness.
Gnome+Enlightenment and Hand of God theme certainly don't look like

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses