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Re: easyLinux Beta.

>> Agreed, PPP should have an option to be configured at install time.
>> However, consider the situation where the new user does not already have an
>> internet account.
>I know there are people in LANs, people without net accounts and
>people who don't have the info at hand.


>I had to live the situation where you are desperately in need of help
>and you are cut out of the world because networking or mail/news is
>unconfigured and you have to learn how to do it.


>> inst> Installing the html How-To's only sort of worked because except
for the
>> inst> index page, all of the urls point to sunsite. However if you use
the link
>> inst> below as your start page, you can surf the how-to's without being
>> inst>
>> inst> file:/usr/doc/HOWTO/other-formats/html/HOWTO-INDEX-3.html


>Network information is the latest version, unfortunately CDs who
>update automatically are still uninvented.  :-)

Now wouldn't that be nice!

I'm not trying to suggest local documents should supplant access to remote
ones in priority. I'd like to see both of them equally accessible.
Personally, I always check local docs first. It's faster and I only have
one phone line..

In my case both resources have been very useful: I had a problem with the
install finding my on-hd rpms and comp.linux.redhat.install had the answer.
The problem was new. I had questions about customizing my bash shell and
various other 'small' things and the local howto's had the answers.

>> inst> might be a good time to try and arrange them by age or relevance to
>> nst> current distributions or something.
>User is confronted to dozens of docs and all of them are at the same
>level: the one of interest only to 1% of users (experts all of them)
>and the ones vital for 90% of beginners.

I agree. I spend a lot of time wading through screens of abstract mumbo
jumbo before I find the nugget of usefulness I'm looking for. But I have
much the same experience online. Unless I finally break down and ask
somebody. Maybe if I wasn't so proud ("I do it myself!") it'd be easier!