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Re: kthemes

Roberto Alsina wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> > I have grabbed the kdenonbeta tarball and it seems that  it needs some
> > extra headers to compile. In particular, kdelibs are supposed to be
> > compiled with the --enable-new-stuff argument. My concern is that a
> > kdelibs compiled like this could be less stable (??) ( Roberto, are you
> > reading this ... ? ) Are there disadvantages of compiling kdelibs like
> > this ?
> If it builds, no :-)
> Basically, --enable-new-stuff will build a few extra libs, but older apps
> won't use them so there is no danger.
> > Anyway, it'd be nice if we could compile and run the
> > theme manager without having to go through this... I am not clear that we
> > need this option just to compile the theme manager. Unfortunately, the
> > theme manager is only released in source form as part of kdenonbeta. (argghh!)
> I am not familiar with the sources for kthememgr, but I'm afraid you will
> have to. It shouldn't break anything.

You can exclude subdiretories you do not want to compile using the DO_NOT_COMPILE
variable.  E.g.,:

    export DO_NOT_COMPILE="webmaker maudio2 ktop kcmail kmail2 libkmsg kglchess
korn kioslave knetmon kpackage kclock"
    ./configure . . . .


Andreas Pour