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Re: kthemes

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> I have grabbed the kdenonbeta tarball and it seems that  it needs some
> extra headers to compile. In particular, kdelibs are supposed to be
> compiled with the --enable-new-stuff argument. My concern is that a
> kdelibs compiled like this could be less stable (??) ( Roberto, are you
> reading this ... ? ) Are there disadvantages of compiling kdelibs like
> this ?
> Anyway, it'd be nice if we could compile and run the
> theme manager without having to go through this... I am not clear that we
> need this option just to compile the theme manager. Unfortunately, the
> theme manager is only released in source form as part of kdenonbeta. 
> (argghh!)
> cheers,
> -- Donovan

I compile that way all the time and can't seam to find any problems.
I think it's just that way so you don't have to link in the sections
of KDElibs that are only used for corba and some other "new stuff".

The logic is simple.  This is all alpha so you need to leave a way 
out for those who simply want basic KDE.