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Re: Website/ftp mirror

I expect mirror.ac.uk would be willing to host a mirror as well if you think
that would help. They have alot of bandwidth and alot of space. Being mirrored
there would give you more hits (they can mirror web sites as well as ftp sites).
And they are presently considering introducing a not-for-profit cd-burning
service that would allow UK users to request CDs be burned from (say) ISO images
of CDs...

cog@seul.org on 31/01/2000 22:49:20

Please respond to independence-l@independence.seul.org

To:   independence-l@independence.seul.org

Subject:  Website/ftp mirror

I've sucessfully managed to get a mirror for both Indy's website and
indy's ftp site. The server is hosting lug.org.uk and is currently
connected direct to the UK backbone, so US crypto restrictions don't
apply, and bandwidth isn't a consideration. :)

I'll be setting up a user and the subdomains in the next few days ('flu
allowing). They'll probably be http://www.indy.lug.org.uk/ and
ftp://ftp.indy.lug.org.uk/ they'll also be cnames to them from

I was thinking that I'd probably use wget for the web/ftp sites. I've used
it sucessfully for mirroring websites before, but not ftp sites, anybody
know if this is the tool to use, of if a better one exists.

Also, linux-shop.co.uk is hosted on the same box and the guy who runs it,
Mark, has agreed in principle to sell Indy CDs from there. I have to
discuss details with him, tho.

Anything else? Nope, I think that's everything I've got to report back.

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