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Re: kernel

On Tue, 08 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> By the way I reiterate the demand for a volunteer willing to take
> charge of the tassk of producing top notch kernels: the one in RedHat
> 6.1 seems a bit fat and I am sure there are features who could be made
> modular.
I can help with this now that I have the room and the speed. Also I
will be maintaining a mirror of the Indy 6.1-0.8 directory. I feel like
experimenting with the kernel anyway. The only thing I do not have is a
high speed connection to the net;-(

When you refer to "the task of producing top notch kernels", are you
referring to making an Indy specific build every new kernel version or
just when we release each version of Indy?

I will probably also maintain builds of KDE and Xfree86 from time to
time. I am still not sure when I will add more HD space to my new box.

I have been playing around with KRASH and had a thought of building an
Indy RPM if anyone would be interested?? The RPM would allow you to
switch between Kd1.x and KRASH. The new version of kppp has added
the AutoDNS option. The problem is uploading it, but I will not waist
my time unless someone on the list is interested. It is alpha code, but
fairly stable. Good enough to check out the new features.

Also, a little off topic. But is everything going to fit on a CD? I
tried to build an ISO image to burn onto a CDRW when I downloaded
everything a while back and it would not fit.

Also BTW Jean, please use the Indialib program located in the
indialer-1.0-2.2.tar.gz I made a couple of corrections since I uploaded
the first one.

Has anyone tried indialer yet? I am curious to see if it works OK. If it
fails I will need to try again very soon.

R.G. Mayhue