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RE: Playing with IPchains

> In order to protect ports from thge outside the recomended method in
> Indy is to use Lokkit because it allows nearly trivial configuration
> of packet filteruing so the conection coming from the Internet nver
> reaches the daemon listeing in the port but will let pass connrections
> coming from the LAN.
> However Lokkit does not ensure masquearding and this done presently
> with GFCC.  Howevert GFCC does not presently have good defaults for
> what we want to do: a preset of masquerading rules who will not
> interfere with Lokkit's filetering rules 
> Is anyone willing to try to do it?

Yep - I'll take a look at this - I've not had a lot of time recently
since I joined the list but I have had a lot of exposure to ipchains
since I've been setting up some Linux boxes to act as routers / firewalls
and I've now actually got some free time again.

Mike Manley