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Indialer Uploaded

I have uploaded Indialer to belegost /independence/incoming.

To install the three programs, indialer, indialib and eznet. Run make
and follow the instructions at the bottom of the eznet.html file.

Install all three files in /usr/bin then:
chown root.root /usr/bin/<filename>
chmod 04755 /usr/bin/<filename>

I have been the only one to test this installation so if anyone would
like to download and test Indialer please do so. Just remember that
indialib and indialer must be run as root. And of coarse indialib must
be run first to set up the default account. Just answer the questions
and then run indialer. 

I am very interested in finding out how well the autodns option works
for others. Also keep in mind that indialer will try to find the modem
on /dev/modem. If you need to change this, either edit the
/var/eznet/eznet.cong file and add the line 0 tty /dev/ttyS? with one
space between the words on the line.

Or you could just type at a command prompt "eznet add <account name>
tty=/dev/ttyS? and let eznet add it for you.

If the autodns option works you will see the nameservers listed after
the connection is made.

Please advise me of any problems you may find.

R.G. Mayhue