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Re: I have seen a god

> On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> > He also gave me some stats about lines of code added that seem to prove
> > that the Gnome Office suite is progressing _far_ faster than Koffice.
> I'd like to see them. Of course it could also mean that the Gnome Office
> suite uses unnecesarily verbose code compared to KOffice. LOCs is such a

My guess is that Koffice actually has a working codebase, while the only
working component of gnome-office is gnumeric ( incidently, gnumeric 
looks quite good, but still beta quality ). It's easy to add thousands
of lines of code when you don't have anything yet ! OTOH, if you have a
working code base, there may or may not be compelling reason to increase
the number of lines of code.

BTW, I am running Krash at the moment, ( I installed it to play with
the new APIs ) and I must say I am quite impressed. There are small bugs
here and there but it is basically usable. The themeing is nice, and I'm
impressed with Koffice ( I'm going to have to add a section on kword to
my font HOWTO now ... ) 

I'd say KDE 2.0 is one of the main things ( re Linux ) to get excited
about in 2000.