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Re: I have seen a god

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:

> Today I was at Linux Expo making some pro Indy activism.  The AFUL had
> allowed me some sapce in their booth and then at next booth I saw Him.
> Richard Stallman in person. My heart nearly stopped.  He has been
> interviewed for France Culture (a radio) and he sung for them "Share
> the software" accompanied by a chorus of Linux hackers (I didn't join
> them).  I couldn't speak with him due tio the people many people
> wanting to meet him but perhaps I will be luckier the next days.
> However I had a long conversation with Miguel de Icaza (in Spanish)
> about the problems in present Gnome and technological choices in Gnome
> and KDE.  According to him KDE is going the wrong way for abandonning
> Corba and let a bad implementation of Corba (Mico) misled them.  

Blah. Miguel opinion about KDE's use of Corba was that it sucked, too.
His opinion on matters related to KDE should be taken with a grain of salt
the size of Gibraltar, unless he explains in technical terms what the hell
he means. I still recall his "technical analisys" on gnome-hackers before
the archive was closed: "you just can't compare, baboon is way better", or
something like that. That was ALL the analisys.

> He also gave me some stats about lines of code added that seem to prove
> that the Gnome Office suite is progressing _far_ faster than Koffice.

I'd like to see them. Of course it could also mean that the Gnome Office
suite uses unnecesarily verbose code compared to KOffice. LOCs is such a
rough measure. Or that they are measuring different package sets. Or that
more effort is being made on KDE towards finishing KDE 2 right now. Or
that KDE passed the point where such a fast addition of code was done a
year ago. Who knows?

> I will try to talk with the KDE people to have their version.  A sad
> thing however is that it seems there is a considerable animosity
> between the gnome ad KDE people.

Between Miguel and KDE people? It seems so. Between me and Miguel?
Perhaps. Between some other KDE people and Miguel? I'd bet on it.
Between me and other GNOME people? Very little if any. Between other GNOME
people and other KDE people, well, who knows.

Interpersonal animosity is a personal issue.

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