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I have seen a god

Today I was at Linux Expo making some pro Indy activism.  The AFUL had
allowed me some sapce in their booth and then at next booth I saw Him.
Richard Stallman in person. My heart nearly stopped.  He has been
interviewed for France Culture (a radio) and he sung for them "Share
the software" accompanied by a chorus of Linux hackers (I didn't join
them).  I couldn't speak with him due tio the people many people
wanting to meet him but perhaps I will be luckier the next days.

However I had a long conversation with Miguel de Icaza (in Spanish)
about the problems in present Gnome and technological choices in Gnome
and KDE.  According to him KDE is going the wrong way for abandonning
Corba and let a bad implementation of Corba (Mico) misled them.  He
also gave me some stats about lines of code added that seem to prove
that the Gnome Office suite is progressing _far_ faster than Koffice.
I will try to talk with the KDE people to have their version.  A sad
thing however is that it seems there is a considerable animosity
between the gnome ad KDE people.

I was also able to talk with Jacques Gelinas (of Linuxconf fame), saw
an Octane SGI station (it looks _far_ better than an Imac) and I
expect to be able to make a short presentation of Indy in the next

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses