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Re: Indialer liberator

> Jean,
> I have a working Indialer liberator and have uploaded it to the
> /independence/incoming directory on belegost. The liberator will depend
> on kudzu to find the modem for the user and configure it to /dev/modem.


> The liberator just sets up a _default_ account that the Indialer program
> will use to call eznet. Indialer is basically a GUI front end for eznet.
> The user will have the choice - type "indialer" and get a GUI to eznet -
> or - type "eznet up <accountname>". This was done in the interest of
> time. I simply could not afford the time to rewrite the program and meet
> a Feb 1st deadline. I feel really bad about loosing the original
> program. I feel like I'm letting everyone down.

Don't worry

> Indialer will only handle one account right now. I will need to supply
> an update sometime after the release of Indy 6.1-0.8, but the liberator
> should be fine for future versions.

That is wahat update directories are made

> I have only uploaded the liberator at this time because I have not
> finished Indialer at this hour, but I thought you may like to get to
> work on the 2nd stage install image ASAP and remove the place holder.
> I am assuming that the installer is running as root (please correct me
> if I'm wrong). The liberator configures and saves two files in the

You are right

> directory /var/eznet. This is where eznet and Indialer will look for the
> files when they are run. If for some reason this needs to be changed to
> another directory you can just change the #define CONFDIR at the top of
> indialib.c before running make, then inform me of the change.
> The path is relative to the file system on disk. I am not sure if the
> installer requires any thing different??

The installer repeatedly uses chroot on its childs

> Indialer will need be run as root unless the user has permission to open
> /dev/modem. I will leave the Indy security issues to the appropriate
> people:-)
> I will get back to writing the Indialer interface. 
> Do you want Indialer/eznet made into an RPM? Or do you wish to do it? I
> do not have to much experience making RPM's but I do have the book
> "Maximum RPM" for reference. I just haven't had time to read it yet!

I will do it.  I have read the book.  :-)

		Jean François Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the masses