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Re: kernel

> > Also, a little off topic. But is everything going to fit on a CD? I
> > tried to build an ISO image to burn onto a CDRW when I downloaded
> > everything a while back and it would not fit.
> >
> THe ftp siyte still has RedHat's graphic installer.  It is so big I
> decided we will keeep the older, text based one used in 6.0.  This one
> is about 30 Megs smaller.

This is just writing from a user perspective.  When I install Windows 95 (i
know, "ick" but i am stilll not free from bill gate's wraith ) it installs
about 100 megs normally.  With linux installations I noticed, especially
mandrake,  that they install tons of crap, sometimes around 600 megs.  Now I
can say maybe 200 megs of this is necessary.  It's larger than a normal
windows installation because of all the different libraries, from qt to
gtk+, but even after that there is still tons and tons of crap.  It's almost
one of those "1000 shareware programs and games" CD's you can buy for 5
bucks at CompUSA.  It's so easy to put all those apps on there cos so much
of linux apps are open source and free.  However is this helpful to the
user? To have 6 Windows Managers, 8 text editors, 4 image viewers, 7
different music players,  3 different X config tools and more.  Yeah i know
we all have our favs and is hard for us to agree on programs (I am an emacs
person myself) and I am all up for freedom of choice but sometime
orginazation is worth the sacrifice.  I'm not to say you haven't done any of
this, I've seen you ask the list which developer software package is better
and other questions like this but to cut out a Graphical Installation
because of 30 megs needed for space maybe is a bad idea. That installation
kinda makes linux look a little less frightening.

Also for another suggestion has anyone looked at urpmi? It's a nice frontend
to rpm for users that aren't root.  I use it myself, it came with mandrake
7.0.  I think its another seul-ish kind of program.

These are all suggestions for the future releases not the upcoming one. I
know how under stress all you guys are.