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Fwd: PIGLET: Red Hat Linux Beta Release Available Now!

Here we go again everyone!

Thought I'd pass this along for anyone who's not subscribed to RH
R.G. Mayhue

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Subject: PIGLET: Red Hat Linux Beta Release Available Now!
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 15:35:36 -0500
From: Dale Lovelace <dale@redhat.com>

Tired of collecting Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards?

  Christopher Robin called last night complaining about the lack of
collectibles pertaining to the famous "Pooh" show. Eeyore, of course, said,
"I dooon't knooow aboouuut this".... But what does Eeyore know anyway?

  The result:


  This is no ordinary pig! Stand back folks, he's large and live and ready to
rumble. This pig is knocking back CPU loads of 99 whilst having tea and
crumpets with Pooh Bear. This bad boy eats Lizards for breakfast and spits
out kernel patches. Approach with caution, he could be dangerous!

  PIGLET: Your once in a lifetime chance to have this rare collection!

  This is a limited time offer, when we run out of bits, they'll be gone
forever. Don't miss out folks, the Internet lines are lighting  up, they're
going like hotcakes, and we can't guarantee availability on this item for very
long! Similar items we have provided in the past are now going for over a
ONE MILLION percent gain on the original price tag of $0.

  PIGLET includes the following new features:

        - A new and improved Anaconda [tm] installer
                - Partitionless installs
                - Improved X Configuration
                - Additional GUI Partitioning tool
                - Software RAID Configuration in Kickstart Installations
                - RAID upgrades
                - ATAPI Zip and Jaz Drive Recognition
        - Rescue Disk Improvements
                - It works!
                - Rescue via the installation CD
                - Pico on rescue disk
                - mtools on rescue disk
        - Kernel 2.2.15
        - Enhanced Software RAID
        - P III Enhancements
        - New web based High Availability Configuration Utility
        - Kerberos Integration
        - New Window Managers
        - New desktop backgrounds and themes
        - Docbook tools
        - Standard Samba mounts in /etc/fstab
        - Smaller minimal install
        - Separate client/server packages for servers:

  PIGLET, pick up this rare find at:


  Or at a mirror near you! A list of Red Hat ftp mirrors can be had via your
web browser of choice at:


  PIGLET is available now for Intel, Sparc and Alpha architectures. PIGLET is
ONLY available through the Internet, and ONLY for a limited time!. This is a
beta release of Red Hat Linux, and we don't encourage using this for mission
critical applications. However, like most Red Hat beta collectibles, it is
very usable for:

        1) Testing those new holographic storage devices
        2) Installing on all of the machines in your favorite lab
        3) Seeing what that "Linux thing" is really all about
        4) Preparing your thesis on "Works in progress"

  We have created piglet-list for discussion of this beta release. To
subscribe, merely send a message to piglet-list-request@redhat.com with the
code word "subscribe" in the subject line, respond to the confirmation message
request, and enjoy hours upon hours of entertaining and useful messages from
hackers trying to make this thing fall down go *BOOM*...

 (With a special thanks to home shopping channels everywhere!)
Dale Lovelace                Red Hat, Inc.                   dale@redhat.com

Research, n.:
	Consider Columbus:
	He didn't know where he was going.
	When he got there he didn't know where he was.
	When he got back he didn't know where he had been.
	And he did it all on someone else's money.

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