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Re: Fwd: PIGLET: Red Hat Linux Beta Release Available Now!

>   This is a limited time offer, when we run out of bits, they'll be gone
> forever. Don't miss out folks, the Internet lines are lighting  up, they're
> going like hotcakes, and we can't guarantee availability on this item for very
> long! Similar items we have provided in the past are now going for over a
> ONE MILLION percent gain on the original price tag of $0.
>   PIGLET includes the following new features:

I had already dowonloaded the install part.

>         - A new and improved Anaconda [tm] installer
>                 - Partitionless installs
>                 - Improved X Configuration
>                 - Additional GUI Partitioning tool
>                 - Software RAID Configuration in Kickstart Installations
>                 - RAID upgrades
>                 - ATAPI Zip and Jaz Drive Recognition

Anaconda is the installer but it is buitilt in a such way it can be
invoked automatically at first boot so we could use it for configuring
features we feel they would confuse the user if asked at install time like 
configure sound cards, firewalling or adjust security level (like Mandrake).

It is also smart enough to automatically choose an X or text based

>         - Rescue Disk Improvements
>                 - It works!
>                 - Rescue via the installation CD
>                 - Pico on rescue disk
>                 - mtools on rescue disk

Nice but I prefer LPE to Pico.  Better licence.

>         - Kernel 2.2.15
>         - Enhanced Software RAID
>         - P III Enhancements
>         - New web based High Availability Configuration Utility
>         - Kerberos Integration
>         - New Window Managers
>         - New desktop backgrounds and themes
>         - Docbook tools
>         - Standard Samba mounts in /etc/fstab
>         - Smaller minimal install
>         - Separate client/server packages for servers:

Seem they will never learn: all the stuff is for servers.  I have seen
nothing additional for private users, small companies and
workstations.   They don't even ship enlightenent 0.16 (it rocks).

Here we have a strategic choice in front of us.  Hurry to release Indy
6.1 or start working on 6.2 basing on the beta so we can, hopefully,
release just after RedHat.


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses