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Re: some RPM problems

> Hello,
> The good news is that I have collected as much info as possible on
> Squeak and that I am well on the way packaging them.

There is a Squeak package in the Indy site (built by myself).  Its
SRPM will give you a canvas for making a new Squeak RPM with aditional

> The bad news is that I have some problems with RPM.
> "Maximum RPM" learnt me that I can change the directory in which rpm
> expects "BUILD" etc. to be by stating "topdir: <dir>" in a ~/.rpmrc
> file. When I do this, RPM reacts with: "bad option "topdir" at
> /home/stefan/.rpmrc".

If I remember well .rpmrc is no longer used for this.  It is

Here is mine:

%_topdir   /mnt/work/Independence

Notice there is no : separating the macro name from its definition

> "Max" also learnt me that there is a command line option for this:
> --buildroot. This option is simply ignored (the second thing RPM does is
> "cd /usr/src/redhat/BUILD" instead of to <mydir>/BUILD).

You are mixing BuildRoot a,d BuildDir.  When you execute "rpm -ba
myspecfile" rpm will look for source and patches in <BuildDir>/SOURCES
ansd will untar them under <BuildDir>/BUILD.  This cannot be overriden
with command line arguments, only with macros.  Then during the
%install phase you are going to instruct the software to install it
under <BuildRoot> instead of / in order to avoid corrupting your own
installation.  Usually <BuildRoot> si provided in the spec file but
you can override it with command line argumants provided that you
never hardwire it in the %install phase but that instead you use
macros and environment variables.  Finally the %files section will
list the files under <BuildRoot> who are part of the package.


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses