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Re: Fwd: PIGLET: Red Hat Linux Beta Release Available Now!

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> Here we have a strategic choice in front of us.  Hurry to release Indy
> 6.1 or start working on 6.2 basing on the beta so we can, hopefully,
> release just after RedHat.
> Opinions?
How much of Indy's current base would need to be updated? 

If we can manage to get all of the new features added and be able to
get Indy released at about the same time RH 6.2 goes to it's release we
will be not looked at as "old". I say go for it if time permits.

I think I will start studying the Anaconda installer and learn how to add
some of our own ideas to it.

R.G. Mayhue