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Caldera 2.2 & 2.3

Using 2.2 for a while to give it a try, installed easily except I could
not get it to make a boot disk. The CD comes with a boot loader so I
used it, the loader recognizes both Linux HD but would not boot Indy
Linux, probably have to put the image on the Indy HD to make it go. May
try to upgrade to 2.3 to see how that goes.

Tried 2.3 from the CD but it stalls when it tries to recognize my PCI
SCSI card, continues to probe with no resolution. Rebooted after 10
minutes of that.

Have SuSe 6.3 to try, Slackware 7, RH 6.1, Debian 2.1 and Stampede.

One nice thing about Caldera 2.2, it recognizes all the SCSI drives
except the second CDRW.