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Re: first Squeak RPM's available

> Hi,
> The first useable Squeak RPM's are available.
> In general, I have followed the conventions used in the Debian packages,
> especially the three-package-convention, allowing you to change your
> image easily. The "docs" are put in /usr/doc/squeak when you install the
> virtual machine. To be honestly, I haven't yet looked into jfm's RPM.

My convetion is use the %doc clause for docs who are not called by
the software (ie you read them with less).  This would put them in

For docs called with the help button of a software their proper place
would be /usr/share/squeak

> The "man" page is still missing. I hope to solve that and other bugs in
> the next version.
> Please have a look at the "bug list", and help me find and solve bugs in
> the package; these are my first packages.
> With me, it runs fine, but "Packaging is like sex: you'll always have to
> ask "was it as good for you as it was for me?" afterwards."
> Thanks and Success,


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses