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Re: About democracy was Re: Organizing for 6.2

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, R.G. Mayhue wrote:

> IMO I would prefer to keep windows out of it. I think that there is to
> much emphasis put on helping to install from windows these days. If we
> really want Linux to be a success, it should stand on it's own. That
> just sends a clear message to new users that somehow Linux is not as
> good as windows to begin with. The time and energy put into that area
> would be better spent inproving or writing a better installer.

I think the installer should be able to start on it's own, and from
windows. That way it can be installed by both people without Windows on
their machine, and windows people wo have decided to upgrade to Windows,
yet are more familiar with the Windows Interface.
> Please remember, it is just my opinion:) But if everyone thinks this is
> a good idea, I can probably write something like that pretty easy.

Ditto. I'm not sure how feasable my idea would be to hack tho. It could
take a while, and that time might be better spent on something else.
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