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Re: About democracy was Re: Organizing for 6.2

On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, Romulus15@aol.com wrote:
> It doesnt need to install from windows. If the CD is bootable that is 
> surely the simplest thing there could be! Instructions: turn computer
> off, put cd in cd rom drive, turn computer on. 
> The problem with this statement is, what if the user's computer doesn't have 
> the BIOS set to boot off of the cd?  I know that the standard boot sequence 
> is A then C with an option to boot off the cd that you have to manually set.  
> Do we really want the user to screw around with BIOS settings?  I think that 
> we should have a Windows Autorun feature on the cd that allows the user to 
> view the documentation which tells them that if the cd doesn't boot, to make 
> startup disks by clicking this button <insert button here :-) >      That 
> would probably be the safest and easiest way to handle things.
That was my thought exactly Max, not everyone can boot from a CD. Older
systems are out of the picture without a boot disk. I was going to write
a project similar to this a short while back. I guess I will write it
now. It will consist of a document browser and a boot disk writer, but it
will be of secondary importance to the installer and other (IMO) more
important stuff. 

Remember, if we start trying to do to much we will not make our release
time again. This time Indy goes out, hell or high water! We must have
something to talk about and advocate. With no release we are never going
to get more help for our project. We need to catch peoples attention
when they are thinking about installing RH 6.2  -  We need them to "Think

We also need to put together list of all the people on the list that said
they would be willing to burn copies of the CD for distribution in their
areas. If we gather all the names now and format a web page for the
site, it will be ready for the release. Who would like to volunteer for
that project? We need everyone who can help to pitch in and do what they

Lee, when we get the new release ready, will you update the installation
documents you wrote to reflect all the new changes? It would be great to
have them to include on the site and on the CD. They should be minor,
but the steps using the Indialer liberator will need to be added and any
other additions that might come into play.

Does anyone know when Red Hat plans to actually release 6.2? We will
need to keep a close eye on this. It would be great to be right on their
heels with Indy. But I need to look into a multiple CD install. That
would really solve a lot of our problems.

R.G. Mayhue