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Re: LinNieghborhood 0.4.3

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, R.G. Mayhue wrote:

> Has anyone had any experance with LinNieghborhood 0.4.3??
> Maybe this could solve the problem of a good Samba browser that we are
> looking for. I saw the announce on freshmeat today, but I don't have the
> time to check on it.
> Can someone in a network environmet test it and report their findings??
> It would really help, if it's what we are looking for, it would make a
> nice addtion to Indy 6.2

If you want the best free implementation of a linux network browser: hack
CFM (the Corel File Manager) into building on standard KDE. I've heard it
is quite good.

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