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Re: Postfix

> On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Jonathan Veit wrote:
> >
> > I program C/C++, I'm teaching myself MFC right now, so I got a pretty
> > handle on the language.  I've looked at Qt before too, however I've
> > really programmed linux seriously and I am some what limit in
> > I'm 15 and been programming C/C++ since I was 12.  I've never really
been on
> > a group project either. I don't know how much I can help but I might as
> > tell you.  However if i were going to help design frontend interfaces
I'd be
> > happy to except you would really have to pick a specific toolkit so I
> > apply myself to it.
> >
> That is where I started Jon, but MFC is no good here. Also C is much
> more common in Linux (*INX) programming than C++, but C++ is making a
> very strong argument these days! The hardest part of Linux programming
> is remembering that it is a multi-user environment with security
> measures in place. I have found that good programs require strict
> attention to this fact.

I just mention MFC to say that I've got a good idea of object - oriented
programming and working on GUI like interfaces.  I studied C before making
it over to C++, so I know how to use both effectively.

 > So you are coming from about the same posistion I was in a little over
> one year ago. A Windows programmer coming into a Linux world. This is
> what I had ment in the last post when I referred to someone with more
> Linux experiance. But I am confident that you will learn, you have a
> very good head start. Heck -- I didn't even start programming at all
> untill I was 33 years old!! I wish I would have had the resources
> available to me that you have now when I was your age. Your parents must
> be proud of you.

Yeah, I'm reading a linux programming book which will let me understand some
linux programming basics.
And for resources its just book after book.  Proud I guess, more they use me
to solve their computer problems.

> Speaking of projects, I have a few on the back burner that your C++
> experance would prove very benificial. Stay tuned for details.

> Question. I guy like you must have friends, Right?? Anyone of them
> know any (language) programming, and would like to join us??

Yeah, I have friends but most of them aren't really hardcore programmers.
One kid I know is pretty good at creating websites using CGI and other
scripts.  2 Other kids, seniors, I don't know especially well but know that
one does Perl alot and the other C/C++. I don't know how interested they'll
be but I'll tell them about it.