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Re: LinNieghborhood 0.4.3

"R.G. Mayhue" wrote:
> Has anyone had any experance with LinNieghborhood 0.4.3??
> Maybe this could solve the problem of a good Samba browser that we are
> looking for. I saw the announce on freshmeat today, but I don't have the
> time to check on it.
> Can someone in a network environmet test it and report their findings??

I am using Linux in a corporate environment that is focussed on
NT/Win98.  I install all of my updates from suid root (including the
Samba updates and LinNeighborhood).  When I run LinNeighborhood as
myself, I get the following error:

smbmnt must be installed suid root for direct user mounts (500, 500)
smbmnt failed:  1
mount.smbfs:  ioctl failed, res=-1
Could not umount /mnt/win98/personal:  Operation not permitted

I can browse the machine and see all the relevant shares.  My settings
in the "Mount Dialog" are:
user:  500 wiensb
GID:  100 users
File mode:  644
Dir mode: 755

If I select the option "Mount as root", I receive the following error:

standard in must be a tty

If I restart LinNeighborhood as suid root, and try to mount directly
under my own user name, using the settings above, I receive the
following error message:

-I:  invalid option -- U
Could not resolve mount point -I

For me, making smb work has been a hassle, but since my main Linux
experience is at work, and I don't really need access to smb shares on a
on-going basis, I haven't really wrestled this one to the ground.  If
anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate some assistance.

On the question posed above, I would say that LinNeighborhood is not
ready for prime time yet, not if these kinds of problems happen to less
tolerant users :-).

Brian Wiens