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Help on Installing Independence

OK guys & girls, I figure there must be at least a girl in this crowd.

I am getting ready to install Indy and I need some instructions on how to 
do it.

I will perform a disk install so I have created the boot diskette, and 
downloaded the file Independence.tgz I have then unziped the file using 
winzip into a directory h:\Independence and now I have a directory called 
h:\Independence\Indy\base & h:\Independence\Indy\instimage. Where should 
the RPMS directory with all its files be? Note that I have all the files in 
the directory RPMS already downloaded.


or should I move everything to root level and have just the directories as:


In addition I have downloaded a file indy.tar.gz which as I understand it 
contains the web site with all the links and my understanding is that this 
needs to be for sure at the root level for the icons and links to work 
properly. What should I do with this one? should I unzip it or just keep it 
there for later use?

Am I correct so far?

If not what do I need to do differently? Can I make a bootable CD (with 
NERO? I have never done one) or should I use the files on the hard disk?

I am using windows 98 and have two IDE hard disks. I will install Indy on a 
separate hard disk with the second hard disk having the Indy files on it. 
Can I have a partition on this one disk which will have all the files 
separated into two partitions and do the installation like that?

Thanks in advance

Maybe all of these have been answered in the past but I don't know that. 
And since this distribution is supposed to be easy on the user I seem to be 
having too many questions ...