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Re: Help on Installing Independence

Here I am again.

I have taken a look at the RedHat CD and I think that the correct setup is 
the following:


I have untared the website tarball from 
http://cran.mit.edu/~donovan/indy.tar.gz and placed it on root so that it 
can be viewed by anyone from there. Why is it that this site is totally 
different from the website http://www.independence.seul.org ?

More later

At 09:23 μμ 21/02/2000 +0200, Dinos Kouroushaklis wrote:
>OK guys & girls, I figure there must be at least a girl in this crowd.
>I am getting ready to install Indy and I need some instructions on how to 
>do it.
>I will perform a disk install so I have created the boot diskette, and 
>downloaded the file Independence.tgz I have then unziped the file using 
>winzip into a directory h:\Independence and now I have a directory called 
>h:\Independence\Indy\base & h:\Independence\Indy\instimage. Where should 
>the RPMS directory with all its files be? Note that I have all the files 
>in the directory RPMS already downloaded.
>or should I move everything to root level and have just the directories as:
>In addition I have downloaded a file indy.tar.gz which as I understand it 
>contains the web site with all the links and my understanding is that this 
>needs to be for sure at the root level for the icons and links to work 
>properly. What should I do with this one? should I unzip it or just keep 
>it there for later use?
>Am I correct so far?
>If not what do I need to do differently? Can I make a bootable CD (with 
>NERO? I have never done one) or should I use the files on the hard disk?
>I am using windows 98 and have two IDE hard disks. I will install Indy on 
>a separate hard disk with the second hard disk having the Indy files on 
>it. Can I have a partition on this one disk which will have all the files 
>separated into two partitions and do the installation like that?
>Thanks in advance
>Maybe all of these have been answered in the past but I don't know that. 
>And since this distribution is supposed to be easy on the user I seem to 
>be having too many questions ...