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Re: Installer

> Jean
> How do you have the installer set up to work on your box for testing and
> so forth? I have a good idea how to make it all work, but I would really
> like some insight on have you've been doing it so I'm more in sync with
> the methods your using.

There is a test mode for anaconda (anaconda --test), you also have to
provide a method of install --method hd:ext2:/dev/hda5 (from memory,
for a disk install), and if you wan't to really write a partition then
you will have to provide a third argumant I don't remeber

Is that what you wanted to know?

> I want to write the indialer liberator for the GUI install. I think I
> can manage with the Python I've learned so far. I got to start someware.

I think it is legitimate to invoke it in an Xterm if you don't have
time to build a proper GUI.

> Also, are we going to use gcc 2.95.2??

That is a thing we will think about when we will be rebuilding
packages (useless to do now because new releases could force us to
redo it).  Any way I don't see how we could recompile everything and
then load it to belegost.  In case we use gcc 2.95 it would be for
things who are critical for performance: kernel, XFree and glibc plus
those packages specific to Indy we will have to rebuild due to

Also Alan Cox said about Gcc 2.95:

> gcc 2.95 has two problems
> 1.	It has the odd minor bug in it. Probably less than the earlier
>	compilers but the ones in the earlier compilers are not hit by
> 	current code - because it works ...
> 2.	Its a way better optimiser. In paticular with its alias handling
> 	enabled it optimises stuff a lot of folks didnt anticipate. That
> 	can cause some app problems and needs a lot of testing of apps 
> 	especially coverage testing which is hard.
> The 2.2.x kernel has been bitten by #2. We don't think it has been bitted
> by #1 although we arent totally sure. Its hard to catch all the cases. While
> 2.2.14 was believed correct even in 2.2.15pre10 someone found another
> fix needed for compiling with gcc 2.95 

In another post he implied that gcc 2.96 will beat the pants of gcc 2.95

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses