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Just a note,

Just wanted to bring this up as a discussion, something I've thought about a little bit.
Independence prides itself in being different in that its for the End Users.  However, although I've seen good efforts such as in security, we can't just be a distrubtion that makes and adds some apps to the regular distrubtion.  Other wise we would just as well call our selves a free software group (nothing wrong with that).  I think sometimes we have to concentrate less an apps, there are people out there willin to do that, and look more at the overall way of linux is set up.  It still feels like a server O/S which has to change.  Though i believe one of linux's strength is that its way more finely tuned to a network than a Win9x machine and that networks are what is coming to almost all homes there are things that have to change.  Such as why do we have sendmail/postfix installed on a workstation installation? What is wrong with using an internet smtp to do that?
Other services that would be more for server installed on a desktop is just not purposeful and waste the users memory?
Also I still feel strongly that we put too much on a CD. Corel Linux, the distrubtion I think is leading the home desktop distrubtions is fit with a slim 250 megs of data.  Only KDE, and it limits it self with apps. Now look at the other extreme, Mandrake over 1000 megs of data, over 7 window managers, 3 RPM managers and more.  People will be overwhelmed by so many different apps they will play with all of them and never really focus them selves to learn each program.  This creates the idea that linux is a toy and they reboot back into windows. Don't get me wrong, I am all for free choice, but simplicity comes into play also.  We can suggest how to get the other desktop if they are unhappy with the one they presently use or something.
After that, now a hypocritcal question, can we put GnuCash on the distro.  One of the biggest leaps for people is that they can't use quicken anymore. This is a subsitute that would be able to read quicken files.  Maybe replace the other checkbook program with this?
P.S Just a discussion Starter