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Short descriptions

This time there is not an improved install respective to RedHat.  We were not
enough to do everything so we had to assign priorities and in our opinion
simple to use was more important than simple to install. 

Main ideas were:

-Provide access to help for the user who is learning alone . It will be
impossible to spread Linux between end ussrs if we continue modelling the Linux
user as a person who got previous training on a box administered by someone
else before having to use it for real.  Mac people fly solo from minute one,
that is what we should aim for Linux users.

-Make Linux fun and useful: we will not attract end users to Linux by adding
programming languages.

-Last October I met marketing people at an installfest who were interested in
becoming Linux users.  We should not act as if Linux were restricted to the
narrow boundaries of traditional Unix: programmers, engineers na

                        Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses

xkobo, mirrormagic, lincity, mastergear: Games

Sane 1.0:  Scanner access

povray, xfpovray, moonlight:  Graphic art.

xwave, timidity, rosegarden, xmp3player, cdda2wav: Playing, composing
and recording music

neXtaw: Beautifies Athena applications.

pilot-link:  Data transfer between a Linux PC and a USR Pilot

peruser, tkrat: Respectively news and mail clients.  Both of them
allow offline reading and composing thus being very adequate for
people who have expensive connectivy through PPP links.  Mail and news
are vital in order to get help.

zircon, tkirc: IRC clients.  Another way to get help.

GV: Postscript viewer.  Configured for quality output in order to
improve readability.

Gimp:  Image manipulation.

mozilla_config, midiplugin, WavPlugin, xswallow:  Improvements for Netscape

word2x: Reading MS Word6 documents.

lilo:  Hacked for national keyboard support.

kde: GUI.

klyx, korganizer: Office applications related to KDE.

xfstt: True Type font server

maxwell:  Wysywyg Word Processor.  Unfortunately it is beta.

cbb, xinvest: personal finance.

Acrobat: PDF reader.  It allows viewing some documents Xpdf chokes
upon.  But you will need Xpdf if you are using 64K colors.

cooledit:  User friendly editor

Wine: Windows emulator

xephem:  Know the position of the stars

xmbase-grok: Small database program adequate for things like managing
your wine cellar.