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kthememgr - a review of v0.6

This is sent here in the hopes the right people will get it.

This makes the installation of a new KDE look as simple as browsing for
a single file. Its a part of the kcontrol center.  You have a list of
installed themes, buttons to install, import, export and remove the
themes.  Each theme supported comes with a screenshot as a preview of
what the theme will look like applied.  You can choose parts of a theme
to install ie window borders, colour scheme.

It totally eliminates the need for the editing of rc files by the user.

It is in non beta at the moment, so it may not be included in 1.1
It doesn't support all kde themes (does have wooden, MacOS though)
Will have import current settings to a theme file in the future.

Version used from Jan 5th snapshot.
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