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Re: kthememgr - a review of v0.6

George Russell wrote:
> This is sent here in the hopes the right people will get it.
> This makes the installation of a new KDE look as simple as browsing for
> a single file. Its a part of the kcontrol center.  You have a list of
> installed themes, buttons to install, import, export and remove the
> themes.  Each theme supported comes with a screenshot as a preview of
> what the theme will look like applied.  You can choose parts of a theme
> to install ie window borders, colour scheme.
> It totally eliminates the need for the editing of rc files by the user.
> It is in non beta at the moment, so it may not be included in 1.1
> It doesn't support all kde themes (does have wooden, MacOS though)
> Will have import current settings to a theme file in the future.

Tried it.  
It works.
I like it.
Just want more themes included and perhaps a direct one click link to 

Way cool though.  I personally will sneak this baby into the KDE-1.1 
setup I put on all the machines I ship along with ktop and some of 
the other cool stuff.