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Re: Additionals directory

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> It was unfortunate that while this distribution claims paying
> attention to the problems of Linux home users we didn't ship a
> configurator for PPP, nor a cron for boxes powered off when nobody is
> in front of the keyboard.
> It was too late to add eznet and hc-cron in the distrib proper because
> they required a number of adjustments to the distrib.  So I have put
> them in an "additionals" subdir of software who should be installed
> after install of the distrib proper is completed.

I have RedHat again and so I'll start poking around the distrib.
The most obvious change I would make would be to ditch the KDE-1.0
RPMs and load up the 1.1 RPMs from ftp://rawhide.redhat.com
They work well and have actually been more stable than KDE-1.0 for
me ( I could on occasion hose KFM in 1.0 .  I can't in 1.1 .

Of note these new RPMs seam to have been "borrowed" from Mandrake
( It's only fare IMHO :).  As such they include a "kde" script 
which should start KDE once it's typed ( Didn't work because it 
just says 'exec startkde' ).  A working version would be good.
Also there is the 'kdm_on' and 'kdm_off' scripts that do what they 

Haven't gotten ppp to work on 5.1 + patches + 2.0.36 yet though,
probably due to pppd and ppp.o disagreeing.  It can be fixed.