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"We want drivers" campaign

About what Kevin Forge said of manufacturers haing to deliver specs or
write the drivers themselves.

If manufacturers just deliver specs that means we get drivers many
months after the equipment is released and only for the equipment
bought by some Linux user with plenty of time.

I think we should begin to apply pressure for manufacturers writing
drivers thanks to a lobbying/petition campaign.  Why the Mac people
should get drivers for equipment non-specific to Macs like scanners
while we are not?  The market share factor is no longer true.  The
problem is Linux lacks a powerful sponsor and in addition the Linux
users have developped a minority mindset who makes them humbly accept
to be treated like second-rate people.


Is there anyone willing to head that campaign?  I can send him some
ideas.  What you think about it Kevin?

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses