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Re: "We want drivers" campaign

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> [...]
> The Linux community is beginning to have muscle but it still
> doesn't know about it so it doesn't use it.

True.  One interesting item is the fiasco between an australian 
Linuxite and Toshiba.  He basically got them to refund him for the 
Windows 95 on his laptop that he never used ( his 1st boot was 
with the RedHat floppy ).  They gave him the refund because the 
Win95 license allows this specifically.  Worse yet they had offered 
to let him return the whole system but not just the software.  He
didn't accept until 2 months later.

If more users were to attempt this ( doesn't matter so much if we 
actually got back the money ) then maybe manufacturers would wise up
that Linux has wide user support.  If for instance the next time
someone buys a lab full of PCs he goes around and asks every major
manufacturer ( just the top 10 anyway ) that he wants them to 
guarantee that it will run Linux properly.  This includes sound, 
video, ethernet, modem and whatever else the system includes.

Make demands.  Annoy the hell out of them.  Make it known that we
aren't such a small group after all.