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Re: Some thoughts - moonlight

JF Martinez wrote:
> At the same time I plan to remove moonlight: it is leagues behind
> Blender and after being asleep for over 1 year has left GPL and seeems
> to no longer distribute the source.  I hate traitors.  :-)

Is Blender open source then? I knew it was free/ had a free version.
Moonlight is, too (maybe until they're out of beta, but well...).

About the being asleep: the latest version is of 06/02/99. Depending on
how you read this (American or European, mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy), it is half
a year or nearly 1 year old. I just downloaded it "by accident" and it
impresses me.

What was new for me however is that they can be reached at
www.moonlight3d.com . So maybe there's a misunderstanding. And maybe
not, in that case forget about it :-)