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Some thoughts

I have noticed Blender's plugins are being added to the free version
after a time.  This puts it into the same category than Ghostscript
respective to the licence: the free version is N-1 respective to the 
non free one so I think we should include it.

At the same time I plan to remove moonlight: it is leagues behind
Blender and after being asleep for over 1 year has left GPL and seeems
to no longer distribute the source.  I hate traitors.  :-)

Anyone disagreeing?

I upgraded GIMP 1.1.14 (seems relatively stable and is so much
powerful tan 1.0 I couldn't resist) and to the 2.0 Gimp manual.

I am including qcad in lieu of sketch as a kind of vectorial drawing
program.  The problem I have with sketch is that it would require
modifying the tkinter part of Python.

Another thing I want is a good IDE: I am balancing between Kdevelop
and Code Crusader.  Kdevelop seems very good but I fear it being too
focused on development for KDE.  Anyone has tried it?

I would like to add an educational programming language for kids:
Python is avery good one but it does not have the fun examples needed
for this target, alternatives would be ucblogo and squeak (a smalltalk
clone made by Disney and Apple available at www.squeak.org who seems
to come with loads of nice examples)

I also want to freeze the distrib towards the end of the week.
Otherwise the big guys will go next version before we release 6.1.
The three things I will add (in addition to Blender) are a replacement
for Maxwell plus new packages for logos, and indexhtml.  By the way I
would really like someone taking charge of inddexhtml: it it is this
file containing silly sentences like 'Thank you for choosing our
distribution' and frankly I am not inspired by it.  The orginal has
a tone who is adequate for a commercial distribution but not for Indy
so it needs to be rewritten.  Anyone volunteering for this?

Speaking of goals I would like to issue ASAP an announce on freshmeat
and LWN stating them but we need a short text (10 lines) summarizing
the web page.  Volunteers?  Benefits: getting a bigger exposure and
perhaps some people, problem: managing them, need to beef  the

Tonight I learned gcc-2.95 has still some bugs who will probably force
me to return to egcs and recompile everything I generated with gcc.

I have looked at some of the Mandrake stuff (NOT DrakConf) and I was
unable to get much profit of it except for the server for Mach128
cards.  For instance Lothar is just a tool for putting together the
info you get from the various /proc files and from utilities like
isapnp and lspci.

After end of week I will begin building the installation and while for
now I will be using a placeholder for Indialer it is needed before final

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses