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Re: Some thoughts

JF Martinez wrote:
> Anyone disagreeing?

I just can't get used to Blender, but it is well possible that I am the
only one having troubles.

> and Code Crusader.  Kdevelop seems very good but I fear it being too
> focused on development for KDE.  Anyone has tried it?

Their GUI builder is anyway KDE + Qthingy. For GNOME also gide (IDE) and
Glade (GUI builder) exist. Don't know if you wish to have it building
GUI's, too.

> I would like to add an educational programming language for kids:
> Python is avery good one but it does not have the fun examples needed
> for this target, alternatives would be ucblogo and squeak (a smalltalk
> clone made by Disney and Apple available at www.squeak.org who seems
> to come with loads of nice examples)

Squeak, please! Their aim is our aim, and I am in love with their piece
of software.

> for Maxwell plus new packages for logos, and indexhtml.  By the way I
> would really like someone taking charge of inddexhtml: it it is this
> file containing silly sentences like 'Thank you for choosing our
> distribution' and frankly I am not inspired by it.

More on these logo's: do you feel like having another logo, do you have
a good idea? (what's that painting that you talked about?)

>  Anyone volunteering for this?

Oh, well, I could write something..
> Speaking of goals I would like to issue ASAP an announce on freshmeat
> and LWN stating them but we need a short text (10 lines) summarizing
> the web page.  Volunteers?  Benefits: getting a bigger exposure and
> perhaps some people, problem: managing them, need to beef  the
> infrastructure.

Don't know. Maybe I'll try, but I am not sure if I can.

> Tonight I learned gcc-2.95 has still some bugs who will probably force
> me to return to egcs and recompile everything I generated with gcc.
> :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

How is PGCC for the pentiums?