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Re: Some thoughts

> Code Crusader is also a very good IDE. It has a lot of very nice features and
> supports many different languages out of the box. It also supports different
> compilers. CC is also window manager independent (there's that word ;-) and
> has no loyalties to any. CC is also very well documented and has support for
> easily finding all of the Linux function calls via man pages. Very nice.
> This is a tough choice, but if I had to choose only one to include in Indy, I
> would pick Code Crusader because of it's multi language support. This is a
> very important feature. You only need to learn about one IDE interface for
> most of your Linux programming needs. I know once I get comfortable with all
> of the features of one IDE I tend to stick with it because it takes time to
> learn all of the features of a new and complex development environment.
> IMO, I think that CC is more inline with Indy's objective. 

Here is where Donovan screams: 'What?? No Perl in Kdevelop?' and where
I scream 'What??  No Python in Kdevelop?' and we drop it.

But after putting my tastes aside I still think support of real high
level languages ( C and C++ are not) is more in line with Indy's goals

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses