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Re: Some thoughts

JF Martinez wrote:
> I have noticed Blender's plugins are being added to the free version
> after a time.  This puts it into the same category than Ghostscript
> respective to the licence: the free version is N-1 respective to the
> non free one so I think we should include it.
> At the same time I plan to remove moonlight: it is leagues behind
> Blender and after being asleep for over 1 year has left GPL and seeems
> to no longer distribute the source.  I hate traitors.  :-)
> Anyone disagreeing?
> I upgraded GIMP 1.1.14 (seems relatively stable and is so much
> powerful tan 1.0 I couldn't resist) and to the 2.0 Gimp manual.
> I am including qcad in lieu of sketch as a kind of vectorial drawing
> program.  The problem I have with sketch is that it would require
> modifying the tkinter part of Python.
> Another thing I want is a good IDE: I am balancing between Kdevelop
> and Code Crusader.  Kdevelop seems very good but I fear it being too
> focused on development for KDE.  Anyone has tried it?

kdevelop is way beyond every other IDE in terms of ease and power.
( Ok so maybe emacs is more powerful :).  While you may include
another IDE I can't think of a reason to exclude kdevelop. 

Yes it dose KDE code better than other things but that's just fine 
for our target programers ( Simple consistent apps that are easy 
to build and maintain ).  As for none KDE code.  It's still easier
to create that with kdevelop than with the other IDEs.

PS : Of course I don't personally program but this is the info I
get from those who do.