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Re: image for independence?

> Hi,
> Just spent my free time doing some funny drawing. View it at:
> http://members.xoom.com/Pflipp/art/indy.png
> It should be accomplished with the text:
> "Independence Linux - c'est la revolucion!"

Revolucion is Spanish, French people write it Révolution.   By the way
there was a time I was tempted to use Goya's 'Tres de Mayo' as basis
for a logo but it was rejected as too dramatic: it depicts spanish
patriots shot by a Napoleonic fire squad.  I am half spanish.

Your draw is fun, but... Napoleon ended he Revolution, in fact he
created an Empire ie a hereditary monarchy with a nobility and it was
in everything but name the same than say the contemporay England but with
less freedom than what was enjoyed by the British.

Of course there was a General Bonaparte who republican flag in hand
was the first to cross the Arcole bridge.

> (but then with all accents and cedilles correct :-). Just for a laugh,
> but it might even be useful when smoothed out a little. It is a
> transparent PNG so it might cause some allergia with your web browser.
> Greets,
> Stefan