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A tool called 'autorpm' has just been brought to my attention, it's a tool
that automatically updates installed (freshens) rpms, as and when updates
are made avaliable on a specified ftpsite.

It seems that if it does what it says it does, it might be a worth while
addition to Indy. We'd be able to install it, and add it to cron during
installation (if the user wants it there), and then the user doesn't have
to worry about running rpm everytime a security hole is patched, or a
package update is made, it'd be done automagically. PPP users, could have
it added to their ppp-on script.

From what I hear, it's a perl script, so it shouldn't be too hard to get
it to look at indy's servers instead of redhat's.

If I've got the time this weekend, I'll install it and have a play.

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