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Re: freefonts updated

> This has got nothing to do with your package, I guess, but what is the
> correct way to add fonts from /usr/share/fonts/*/ to the fonts served by
> xfs? 

I'm not very familiar with xfs. I use xfstt to serve true type
fonts. Using our xfstt rpm, it's easy -- just put your fonts in
then install the RPM, and add unix/:7100 to your font path ( explained
below )

You install type1 fonts by running type1inst on the directory with the
fonts, and appending the Fontmap file created to ghostscripts's fontmap (
/usr/share/ghostscript/version-number/Fontmap ). My freefonts package
takes care of all of this.  

> RedHat doesn't support that, and the Indy xfs doesn't change things
> to this. Still, this is where the FreeFonts are. So what should I do?

The freefonts pretty much take care of themselves. You just need to add
them to your fontpath

xset fp+ /usr/share/fonts/freefonts
xset fp rehash

put the above two lines in your xinitrc so that it works automatically.