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News and miscellanea

I am reloading the fixed RPMS (those who tried to chown files to

I have tried XFree86-3.3.6 and it really works great so I will add it
in the updates section.

The problem is the 2.2.14 kernel.  To avoid a heavy transfer with my
lowly modem I used the RPMS made by RedHat for rawhide.  However they
compile the frame buffer support in the kernel and that makes them
big.  Is anyone willing to fix this and recompile?  Contact me for
further instructions.

I will also in a couple days add some software who was part of Indy
6.0 like Rosegarden (music), neXtaw (makes Xaw applications look like
a million dollars) and DrGeo (simple geometry).

About Squeak I would like someone in the Squeak group add tutorials
and goodies to the basic RPM I have made.  I havve heard of something
called wonderland (read the chapter 7 of
http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~mark.guzdial/drafts/ ) who seems to run on
top of squeak and it would nice to include with squeka if it is not
unordinately big).  My top for squeak and assorted goodies would be 10
megs but I would relax it a bit for wonderland.

Being more public: we would need to make a short version of the
manifesto and publish it in linuxtoday and similar places.  Also
freshmeat is advertising debian, gimp and FSF why not an advertisemnt
for Indy?  Again this would need a volunteer 

Indy trick for adding fonts is no longer useful now that we have a
font server so new font packages should be built with chkfontpath it
is there for compatibility with old Indy font packages or perhaps for
a few "emergency" fonts in case the font server is out of order or
uninistalled.  I ever disliked Redhat's solution to the font problem
because they add zero safety net in case the user stops or uninstalls
the font server and that means the user can find himself dropped to
the command line without even knowing what happenned.  Many Linux
users have to perform system administration from minute one so
distribution people should build distribs who are tolerant to user

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses