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Re: Broken motherboard

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Dany Marquis wrote:

> that is why i would like to know how to get my self remove from your list.
> to much of anything else than the reason for this mailing group that is
> supposed to be for INDY information
> thank you and i will have my self removed

This thread does seem to have gone off topic, for some reason, but at
current it this the only mailing list for Indy. There has been talk of
maybe setting up an independence-users list and also maybe an
independence-announce list as well.
I'm not sure how these ideas have progressed, or how anyone else feels
about them, but I think they would be a good idea, and I'd recomend that
you stick with this list for a week or so, until a decision has been made 
about them.

If you do wish to unsubscribe, though, details of how to do so is included
in the headers of every mail you recieve from this list.

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