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Re: Broken motherboard

   that is why i would like to know how to get my self remove from your
   to much of anything else than the reason for this mailing group that
   supposed to be for INDY information
   thank you and i will have my self removed

If you want to remove yourself from the lsit just read the mail
headers they tell how to do it.

Indy is a very solitaire and at times depressing work.  There is a
_very_ limited number of people doing something and it happens that
two of those few had major hardware failures nearly at the same time
and at the worst possible moment.  We had a little joke about this
being due to diabolic intervention in the help of a devil's minion
(Bill Gates).  A joke, nothing more.

Now yesterday I went to bed at nearly 3 am in order to catch up for
the time I lost with my hardware failure.  It will not be the first
time.  And I feel that I have a better right to post a little joke
from time to time than you to rant for three or four off-topic mails.

		Jean François Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the masses