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added news


I thought that it would be nice to have an off-list "what's happening"
point, where a developer could quickly (re-)read the status, like
deadlines, etc.: all the things he needs to make his schedule. So I
added a news page to our website.

I know that this is somewhat unnecessary because the core team is small
and communicates well, but I just like overviews, and I thought that
this could help someone not being so "core" (me =) to help a hand in a
synchronized way (e.g. to get a Squeak RPM before we actually release

Maintenance works about the same as with the "distribution" part: if you
have a valuable piece of information, drop it on the mailing list and
mark it as "news", then I'll pick it up.

Off course I shall see what I can pick up from the list myself too, but
I am sometimes really too stupid (or loosely involved?) to see what's
interesting for the "distribution" and "news" parts, so if you mark it
as such, I will notice it anyway.

Final question: when will we have a new release, how strict is the time
schedule, and can all this become public information? (If it is not yet
public info, so not meant for news, it will still be useful for my
Squeak negotiations anyway. I just don't know where to set a deadline
for it. But re-reading the news I saw that our deadline would be on Feb
1, so I thought it was about time to hurry it up.)