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Re: gcc 2.95.2 (19991024)

rgmayhue@serenesoftware.com wrote:
> Jean, did you post a while back mentioning that Indy was going to move
> away from the gcc 2.95.2 compiler because of a bug you had found? I have
> the gcc 2.95.2 compiler installed because it was the compiler system
> found in the RPMS directory when I downloaded Indy 6.1-0.8. I also
> thought you mentioned recompiling using a different compiler. If so,
> what compiler was used to create the binaries and lib's in the distro
> about a week ago? I'm getting some errors from configure asking if my
> compiler is installed properly.

I noticed the problem just before my motherboard failure.  It is fixed

> I don't have your original post because of the data lost in my drive
> crash, so I'm pretty much starting over from scratch. I'm counting on
> my memory more then ever now to get Indialer going again on time, but
> there will now be some changes. The Indialer and liberator version
> supplied in this release will be a little less then I had originally
> intended. I am going to try and shoot for a Feb 1st dead line8-P
> Also, when I used the new installer a couple of days ago, I noticed that
> upon reboot a program pops up that finds any new hardware on the system.
> It found my modem in a snap and configured it to /dev/modem. Part of
> the (previous) Indialer program scanned the /dev/ttyS[0,1,2,3] ports to
> find the modem and inserted it into the proper field for the user
> because I could not make the assumption that a new user would know
> exactly where the modem was when asked. 

The Indialler must work on the install so it must rely on kudzu.

> Do you think we should place the Indialer liberator in the post install
> after this program finds the modem? It would certainly make my job much
> easier to configure Indialer to aim at /dev/modem and would also give the
> user less choices to make.

No I want the user knowing he has an access to the Net already working
in case he needs help.

		Jean François Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the masses